Welcome to unofficial Russian Tic Tac Toe fan site! This site was created in 1999 as a home webpage. Since 1999, this "home page" has been modified and considerably improved.
Actually, our Tic Tac Toe site is...
1. The only Russian fan site devoted to Tic Tac Toe group.
2. The only site on the Net that comprises more than 1000 photos.
3. The only site that contains the detailed history of Tic Tac Toe group (in Russian)
Several tens of Russian musical sites partially or completely used information about Tic Tac Toe published on our site! Unfortunately, not all authors of these sites abided by our copyright..

Our web-team
Ideas, HTML pages, CSS style sheets, Site Design
by Jana

Technical support (Java Scripts, CGI, PHP)
by Shadow

Special Thank
· Migle
· Skydiver
· Sofka aka Sofka 4ever
· Lara Croft [LC]
· Johannes O.


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